Domino hearts

A domino game with a slight twist, this is due to the fact that standard domino tiles are not used for Domino hearts in their place is cardominos. These are essentially tiles that don't have the standardized dots or pips situated on their surface, card deck images take their place. The overall aim of the game is to eradicate all heart tiles in your hand, and win the most minimal amount of tricks that include the heart suit and the Queen of spades.


This game can be adeptly appreciated with a minimum of three players to a total maximum of five. Though the in between number of four is the usual number of players who partake in a single game of domino hearts.


  1. The dealer of the round is determined by all players selecting a random tile, the player with the lowest rank (for this game Ace is high Two is low) is allocated the role of dealer. All tiles are now placed face down on a surface and shuffled. The dealer bestows the tiles to all players in an equal manner and in a clockwise direction. The amount that each player acquires is reliant on the number of players, but for a typical four player game all players get 13 tiles each (see notes in pertaining to different amounts of players)
  2. The dealt tiles need to be positioned in a way where no other player can see the faces, either on their sides or on racks.
  3. Following the dealing of tiles, a stage known as the pass commences. In a four player game during the first round all players pass on three tiles to their left.
  4. The player who begins the first trick is the one with the two of clubs, the play continues in a counter clockwise motion. Each player must try and follow suit, if this is infeasible, than they may play any tile. However no heart suit may lead until it is broken in via someone playing it in a preceding trick. The winner of the trick is the player with the highest scoring tile in the leading suit. The winner of the previous trick initiates the following one.
  5. This manner of play continues until all players' runs out of Cardominos, and then the next round is dealt. This continues until one player reaches a predetermined number this is typically 100. When this occurs the player with the lowest total score is deemed the overall winner.


If three players are participating then the 2 of clubs needs to be removed from the stock and all players obtain seventeen tiles each. If in a situation where the maximum of five players are playing, remove both the 2 of clubs and diamonds, with all five players getting ten tiles each.

During the pass phase and with a four player game, after the first round of passing to the left, during the second round the tiles are passed to the right, the following third round has players passing to the players positioned opposite them. The fourth round differs slightly with the pass phase of the game being replaced with the hold phase, this signifies that no tiles will be passed on this round and all players will stick with their original hand. If there are more than four rounds than the above manner of pass continues ( left, right, opposite and hold)

On the occasion where three or five players are playing, during the pass stage the passing to the opposite player is forfeited.

If a player comes into the situation where the only suit they can play is hearts and it has yet to be broken, they are allowed to do so.

The winner of a trick, places the won Cardominos in the centre face down in front of themselves for the remainder of the hand.

On the occasion where a player fails to follow suit when they have the means to do so, than they may retract this transgression but only before the trick is over. If they don't and this is discovered they are charged with a penalty that has a total of 13 points attached to it.

The scoring for the game is that any heart taken during the game is worth one point and the queen of spades who has the epithet of the black lady, she is worth a total of 13 points. Though in the situation where a single player takes all possible hearts and the queen of spades, they are seen as to have shot the moon and have the privilege of either deducting 26 points from their personal score or adding it to one of their opponents.

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